a broken heart binded together with barbed wire (drskull666) wrote,
a broken heart binded together with barbed wire

GOD BLESS AMERICA....... doesn't mean ya gotta bless ME!!!

Welcome to the "American Dream."

What exactly is the American Dream ?
- Control people as much as possible
- Get paid as much as possible for as little bit of work possible
- Make sure that huge multi-billion dollar corperations are happy, even if your own people are being hurt
- If you have to deal with a large, complicated, and dangerous problem, solve all the smallest, least important problems first to make victory appear common.
- It doesn't matter if every American has enough money to survive, or even simply a place to go and live, as long as the richest and highest ranked stay there, and are happy.
- If evolution or revolution starts peaking its head, take power away from the people to stomp it out.... afterall, we are lazy, we won't be on top for ever... so we might as wise live out our days on top of the world sitting on our ass and wasting our money on affairs that don't even have to do with us, than to better our own country while we are on top.
- The more confronting and evolutionary thinking comes from extremely intellegent kids and young adults with different ways of thinking, and because they are young, they are trying out and getting into drugs and alcohol...... put as many of them in jail as possible and use their natural will to explore and to have fun (such as drink alcohol and smoke weed) against them, this way only the least contraversial and most conforming Americans will ever be able to reach the top and lead our country.
- Not Christian??? Wanna have sex before marriage? BAN ALL ABORTIONS!!!! If you wanna have sex, and get a girl pregnant, well then, 3 unimportant lives will be punished for it. JOIN THE GOD BANDWAGON, AND FIGHT THE ENEMY... ie FREEDOM.

In conclussion, there are many different ways to achieve the American Dream... trust uncle sam, conform to every law, hop on one of the most respected religions, anybody who goes against the grain is your enemy, and always remember... MONEY IS LIFE.

I suppose my biggest question is..... where do MY dreams come in?

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